Track your training and identify skills gaps without spending a fortune...


We can design a bespoke, standalone, database that will enable you to plan and track your employees training attendance and course completion.


It will also allow you to compile comprehensive reports that will show your return on investment, as well as identifying skills gaps to help you strategically plan future training in alignment with your exact business needs. 


Our custom built databases come branded with your company logos and start from just £950.00+VAT


The databases we design can be provided in a Mircosoft Access or Excel format (this will require the corresponding software platform to be pre-installed).


There is no need for any additional experience with the software as the database is designed to be intuative and user friendly, with all the complication hidden in the background! 

Additional Functionality; 


The beauty of our databases is that extentions can be added for additional functions at any time.This means that as your needs develop and grow so do your support systems.   


We can add on alarms, work assessment, certificates, track cost, specific reports etc to meet your business requirements.  


Further databases are also available to track OEE, Process Downtime, Productivity, Stock Statuses, Build Plans and MRP Systems.


These additions can be joined together to give you a seamless reporting and tracking system.


Our experts will work with you to understand your exact needs and then create a cost effective, easy to use database that exceeds your expectations and simplifies your workload. 

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