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E-learning modules are an extremely time / cost effective way to train your workforce. 


The E-learning that we produce is bespoke; each package is tailor made in line with your requirements. So you decide on the topic, the length of time you want the module to take to complete and how you want to check the learners understanding. 







E-learning provides easy, sustainable learning.


E-learning allows individual or group training, without prior planning (no trainer required).


E-learning makes evaluation simple as a test demonstrates knowledge and training.


E-learning allows you to capture knowledge from your Internal Subject Experts.


E-learning ensures a consistent message / training as it is not trainer dependant.


It provides a blended learning solution that appeals to all learning styles; we can use narrative, music, video and a wide variety of quizzes and interaction to check the learners understanding. We can also add a scored test so you can record tangible results for clear evaluation”.


Our bespoke e-learning packages start from as little as £360.00 (+VAT)


Our team are on hand to have an informal, no obligation chat to discuss your company's learning needs and help you find a simple, cost effective solution.




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