This course will help delegates discover what assertiveness is, to modelling and practising how to be assertive, to becoming assertive in situations where they need it. The course is highly interactive, practical and yet supportive. It uses many different forms of learning to develop assertiveness skills and lift self-confidence to enable them to work more effectively.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Understand assertive behaviour

Recognise the link between assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem

Handle challenging situations and people confidently and assertively

Understand the use of body language in being assertive

Plan their personal strategy for dealing with assertive behaviour


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Appraisal (121 review) Skills
The appraisal process is the key to continuous improvement, company growth and staff retention. This course will help delegates understand the integrated roles of management and appraisal and will show how effective monitoring of staff performance can be in relation to the aims and progress of their team and organisation. The role of management in the annual appraisal is crucial, as what they decide affects the year ahead. Handled well and with joint responsibility, quality appraisals can really develop staff and aid the delegates people management tasks throughout the year.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Clarify the definitions of  appraisal

Understand the purpose of appraisals

Know the different methods of appraisal

Understand their role in the process

Identify skills and ‘tools’ necessary for effective appraisal delivery

Communicate effectively - question, listen and give feedback

Understand personal qualities

Prepare for appraisals – the appraiser and the appraisee

Conduct the appraisal interview

Develop an approach to staff development

Goal set and motivate staff

Address performance through appraisal


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Change Management
This course is suitable for employees at all levels in organisations who want to increase their understanding of what makes change successful, the strategies approaches that are most effective in different change scenarios, and the supporting tools and techniques that will enable them to lead and manage change within their role.

With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Understand how we respond to change

Have an overview of the change framework

Know the impact of personality types – theirs and their stakeholders

Undertake stakeholder analysis

Effectively communicate in change programmes

Assess the environment for change and analyse stakeholder impact

Develop an effective approach to change given the nature of change, the environment and the stakeholders

Create tactics and approaches for real and lasting change

Innovative change strategies

Plan change implementation including ‘big bang’ vs alternative approaches to making change happen

Build resilience and handle resistance

Map roles and governance in change

Understand organisation design principles

Track real change progress and measure benefit


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Communication Skills
This course will give delegates a clear insight into communication. It is an opportunity to understand how communication works and how to communicate with confidence and flair. Delegates will look at what works about the way they communicate, what gets in the way of them being a more effective communicator and then tools and techniques to help them be more adept and self-assured.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to: 


Understand communication dynamics

Understand body language

Deal with assumptions

Work with differing points of view

Understand patterns, habits and beliefs

Develop listening and responding skills

Develop individual strengths and qualities

Understand active vs passive

Choose using positive reinforcement

Conflict management

Be more in charge, gain confidence


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Confidence - 'Being the best version of you'
Confidence is a key soft skill - without it, no other skills are fully realised and our potential as individuals or teams is held back. Our level of confidence is something each of us can influence, through understanding what affects it and actively using techniques to build it up. Recognising unhelpful habits and adopting more useful ones enables us to build feelings of inner confidence as well as being more confident dealing with others.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Understand different styles of behaviour

Recognise their own style and behaviour

Understand why do people behave the way they do?

Understand ways of influencing self-confidence

Handle difficult situations, problems and conflicts

Assertive, persuasive and positive communication

Learn calm and focusing techniques 


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Customer Service

Our customer service skills training course is specifically designed to develop the participants’ skills and behaviours to offer exceptional customer care. It also empowers delegates to provide effective solutions to customer facing problems when they arise.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Define customer service

Handle customer enquiries

Establish customer needs and responding to requests

Handle work based customer requests

Service recovery and customer retention

Effectively handle complaints

Build customer relationships


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Conflict Management
Conflict Management provides delegates with an understanding of conflicts; how they arise, and how they can be managed and prevented. Delegates will learn essential communication skills to enable them to deescalate aggressive situations and support those affected by bullying. The course is designed to suit all staff so as to ensure a safer working environment and positive attitudes.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Recognise when behavious becomes agrressive

Identify and eliminate bullying and intimidation

Identify when a situation needs to be take further

Communicate with both sides

Manage the safety of themselves and others

Reduce or eliminate future conflicts

Encourage positivity ih the workplace


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Decision Making 
This workshop is designed to teach delegates new approaches to problem-solving, develop practical ways to solve business problems and reach win-win decisions with others. It is ideal for managers and supervisors, present and aspiring, who want to develop a more structured view of solving problems and to achieve sustainable solutions with a positive approach.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Know what is problem solving

Create Win Win decisions

Understand the problem solving model

Use a problem solving toolkit

Understand gradients of agreement

Look at Facts V Information

Implement a decision

Know types of decisions


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Effective Complaint Management - Retention/ Loyalty
Keeping customers loyal to your product, your service and your organisation will be critical to your future marketing success, as having a loyal customer base can be one of your most competitive advantages. The place to start is understanding why customers leave and how you can take steps to improve your customer retention ratio through more effective management and handling of customer complaints.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Understand service in a competitive environment

Understand the importance of customer retention

Define service quality

Understand changing customer values

Understand perception points/points of interaction

Handle customer complaints effectively

Handle conflict situations

Prevent customer complaints

Know how to recover service and customer retention

Measure service improvements

Create a service culture


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Effective Listening & Feedback Techniques
Today’s work environment is filled with the complexities of diversity, deadlines, meetings and many more demands. All of these things can lead to stress that may be compounded when there is not a clear line of communication. Simply hearing what someone is telling you is not enough. This workshop will give you the skills to strategically listen and become an active listener.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Understand the fundamentals of strategic listening

Learn that hearing and listening are not synonymous

Understand the relationship between ‘Active’ and ‘Strategic Listening’

Understand the business case for strategic listening

Frame their listening behavior by being able to determine their own behavior style as well as how to determine the behavior style of their audience

Learn how to recognise the effects of the silent communication of their body language and their environment

Understand the four key components of the Strategic Listening process, which are hearing, interpreting evaluating, and responding

Understand the disastrous “Don’ts” of Strategic Listening


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Exceeding Customer Expectations
Customer Service helps users define who their customers are and understand their needs. There are many benefits of delivering great customer service such as improving customer perceptions, improving customer loyalty, helping build a positive brand image- if issues arise in the future the customer will be more sympathetic and it creates a positive working environment- satisfied customers will show appreciation to staff members who deliver a positive service experience.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Know who their customers are

Define customers' needs

Understand the customer service process

Set personal standards

Set premises standards

Understand the value of customers

Understand the service journey

Deal with complaints

‘Go the extra mile’


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Executive Coaching
With increasing seniority comes more and more ambiguity and complexity - and less and less support to deal with them. Our coaching programme supports you on today's challenges whilst equipping you for tomorrow. It enables you to realign your goals and your work, increase your performance, develop your capabilities and personal awareness, boost your confidence and enjoyment, raise your motivation and sharpen your focus and improve your impact on others.


The exact shape and flow of every coaching assignment is as different as each client, but all will include helping you:


Identify what is at the heart of your issues.

Articulate clearly what you want.

Understand your part in the way things are.

Examine your options for moving forward.

Create and deliver achievable plans for reaching your goals.


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Influencing Skills
Our Influencing Skills Training gives people an understanding of the dynamics of influencing people, expanding their sphere of influence and negotiating and the opportunity to practice a variety of tools and techniques. Our workshops are tailored specifically to each group and is designed to help delegates acquire the skills to become Excellent Influencers and Negotiators.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Understand the principles of influence

Know their influencing style

Expand their spheres of influence

Get compensation rather than compromise

Create a negotiation strategy

Make impactful briefings

Create the right first impression

Use pressure rather than coercion

See the other point of view

Use status to stay in charge

Know what to give away

Create a circle of champions

Understand group dynamics

Give positive feedback

Make 'weaknesses' work for them


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Leader V Manager
As the work-place becomes a collaborative and fast paced environment, organisational culture demands leaders are proactive in providing vision and inspiration. The skills required to deliver this are very different to the management skills they may be used to or that have brought with them to this role.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Know what leadership is

Understand leadership styles and diagnostics

Motivate and inspire employees

Coach and develop staff effectively

Structure a positive conversation

Be able to successfully delegate

Provide team vision

Strategic planning tools

Develop future leaders


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Management / Leadership Development
We offer two types of courses. One for those who are new to the role or have had no formal experience and the other for those who have had training or lots of experience and want to take their game to the next level.


Essential Management Skills
This course is for delegates if they are new to management or have had no formal training. It covers all of the fundamentals skills that they will need to become more effective in their role. From understanding their role as a manager and being an effective coach through to understanding how to manage their team’s performance and developing them as individuals this course will provide them with the skills that they need.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Motivate and inspire employees

Coach and develop staff effectively

Resolve conflicts quickly

Build and lead high performing teams

Gain enthusiastic cooperation

Resolve performance issues quickly and effectively

Delegate tasks with confidence

Organise your time and workload



Advanced Management Skills
This course is ideal if delegates are looking to take their management skills to the next level. They’ve most likely been a manager for a number of years and have attended basic management courses in the past. This course looks at how they can develop their emotional intelligence and advanced communication skills as well as how to “manage upwards” by making the most of their relationship with their own line manager.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Know their own style and how it impacts on others

Create a Personal Skill-Set that will set them apart

Apply their Emotional Intelligence Communicate elegantly and effectively

Build a motivated and inspired team of people

Develop a plan to create ongoing success

Manage their own boss more effectively

Manage others who they have no line manager responsibility over


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Managing Perceptions
This workshop will help delegates harness the power of perception management. Just because we believe how people should behave does not mean we are right. When we hear someone else's contrary opinion we'll understand that their perception is just as real as our own.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Critique reality versus perception in office politics.

Conduct an internal and external behavioural audit.

Learn how leaders spin messages and why.

Focus on customer experiences instead of services.

Develop a calm composure.

Look at their activities through the customer's/client's eyes.

Set expectations and manage expectations.

Realise the benefits of being more calm and resilient in the workplace.

Celebrate cultural diversity and seize opportunities.

Be aware of behaviours that cause negative personal perceptions.

Develop an elevator speech.

Understand how personality styles colour their world.

Use emotional intelligence to influence positive connections.

Make a better first impression.

Drive a positive culture.

Critique perception management disasters


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Team Motivation Skills
Motivation is key to any successful people management role. If you can encourage, persuade or develop your people in such ways as to improve their effectiveness, then the role of manager is seen as successful.
Increasingly, as managers have to be super professionals in addition to their managerial responsibilities, it is even more important that motivation is achieved.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Understand people's motivations at work

Understand the relevant and proven theories of motivation and how they apply in the workplace

Practice motivational techniques

Understand how job satisfaction can influence motivation and what can be done to enhance it

Provide an action plan

Understand why people work

Understand the theories behind motivation

Apply good motivational techniques

Motivate oneself


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Negotiation/Closing Skills
This course highlights the skills and qualities delegates already use, introduces some new ones and hones them all for more effective use in lots of different negotiation scenarios.

With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Understand negotiation types and qualities

Prepare for negotiations

Build relationships

Elicit information effectively

Hold their ground when they need to

Deal with the tough guys

Close the deal

Negotiate with flair


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Performance Management / Coaching

This Performance Management training course is designed for those who manage the day-to-day performance of staff. The Performance Management course equips delegates with the skills and techniques to ensure staff perform to the peak of their abilities.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Create and sustain high performance teams

Know the principles of performance management

Set performance measures

Review and assess performance

Conduct one to one performance review meetings


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Self Development
Our personal development course is aimed at individuals who wish to enhance their own performance, both inside and outside the workplace.
We look to help improve their personal efficiency, communication skills and emotional intelligence so that they can develop both themselves and their career. Personal Development is a broad and complex topic, often referred to in some instances as 'self-help'. and covers the following areas:


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Manage their workload

Manage their time efficiently

Use the right language: negative and positive

Understand effects of placing blame: can raise or lower stress

Take control pro-actively

Understand perception

Motivate and Inspire

Be organised and efficient


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Team Building 
Teambuilding events are often viewed with fear and suspicion, we recognise this and design intelligent, highly engaging activities where participants feel comfortable, rewarded and certainly not patronised. We know what makes a good team click, what motivates individuals to perform and why some succeed when others fail. We want to share this with you and help to improve your team’s performance and ultimately your bottom line.


With the help of this event teams will be able to:


Build a spirit of cooperation and involvement

Have fun with positive and motivational results

Observe how different team roles and styles are necessary for successful teams

Recognise the importance of time management and realistic goal setting

Operate in systems consistent with company values

Leverage a range of communication styles to maximise results

See how expectations can influence outcomes

Provide a safe and supportive learning environment

Offer a platform to examine more specific issues such as the customer-supplier relationship, negotiation skills, sustainability or corporate social responsibility.


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Train the Trainer

This course is for anyone involved in training and delivery. It provides comprehensive and practical tuition on training best practice, in a way that is suitable for both newly appointed trainers and those looking for a practical refresher course. Providing trainers with the skills they need, they’ll be able to make a difference to the people they train and the way in which they deliver learning programmes.


With the help of this course delegates will be able to:


Define objectives that meet both business and trainee needs

Plan and design training to gain ALL trainees' commitment and enthusiasm

Understand psychological and sensory learning styles and how to meet ALL of these styles

Deal with challenging trainees and resistance to training

Respond to trainee concerns about training

The pros and cons of different training methods

Ensure training is interactive and participative - and not simply a presentation.

Ensure and check that training is really effective, objectives have been met and that real learning has occurred


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